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Academy Record Annex is located at 85 Oak Street in beautiful Greenpoint, Brooklyn!
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We buy, sell and trade vinyl, as well as CD's and DVD's.

Open 7 days a week from 12pm-8pm.

For online sales see our Ebay and Discogs pages.

(718) 218-8200

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I’m still at work all to make your #recordstoreday that much better.Seriously putting out at least 1000 choice used records alongside all the #rsd specials. See ya at 10am. Bring us donuts.

Tomorrow! Limited totes by @deathtraitors at the east village and greenpoint shops! Free if ya spend some $$$ while they last!

Oh my! Looks what made it’s way into oak street a few days early! Come grab it now or you’ll have to wait UNTIL TUESDAY. Woods - Light of Love! @woodsist

Tons of new arrivals hitting the bins right now at oak! Plus my dude #tiggerthebaddestcat

Some more new arrival employee’s picks, this time Cory’s.
Josefus - Dead Man. Killer reissue of this rare Texas hard rock classic on the infallible @numerogroup.

Tinarwen - Emmaar. I can’t believe this shit is real. Easily the most interesting guitar music made in the last 5 years.

Jack Name - Light show. Legitimate modern space glam from a guy who plays with white fence. RIYL merryweather, Eno

Marvin Berry & The New Sound - Bootleg. Simply put, the best power pop / garage band in New York City.

just in at oak : SPK - leichenschrei. Industrial classic! #spk #newarrivals #vinyligclub #scaryrecords


Feature on rock n’ roll buttons/badges, Creem magazine, May 1980 

(via blacktime)


Neil Young with Devo performing “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” from Human Highway (1982)

The king is gone but he’s not a dud

This is the story of Johnny Spud


Flyer for show from December 1979 where they played with X and The Germs.

And Suburban Lawns.


The Bomber Jackets “The Lister” from The Lister (2013)

Albums like The Lister are a strong argument for waiting until the year is over to reflect on the best releases of the past year. This is an album that shouldn’t fall through the cracks: the mechanical and cold music of the Bomber Jackets is given a very slight touch of human warmth through the vocals of Russell Walker, whom you might recognize from the Pheromoans. Drums crack like ice over a lake, synths glisten and glide, sometimes from a distance (“The Lister”) and sometimes reflecting right in your face (“Holborn Voodoo”). If you find yourself walking around a grey city in a post-holiday gloom, this is your soundtrack.

You can stream the whole album right now over here via Self-Titled Mag. US residents can grab the LP from Fusetron or overseas direct from the label - not cheap, but your seasonal affective disorder won’t be as strong without it.

Great record and now in stock at Academy Annex!


from the book PUNKS / Karen Knorr & Olivier Richon

(via blacktime)

Putting out both the regular and limited monos of the new #sharonjones LP on daptone at both shops. Comes with a free 45 and poster!!

Handful of killer records going up on the wall at 12th street!! #faust #liliput #cometsonfire

Happy 2014! Here is our first ever giveaway! Like the photo says, just follow us and repost this photo with the hashtag #academygiveaway to win a $100 gift certificate at our Brooklyn shop. Winner announced February 1st - Good Luck! (at Academy Records)

Merry Deathrow Christmas everyone.